Boxing Day Sales in Australia

Boxing Day Sales are generally a big deal for Australians as we don’t have many shopping events like Americans. This year has been a bit different as Australia had a big black friday sale and a click frenzy sale – both sales happening in late November.

It would be really interesting to see if boxing day sales in 2015 are as big as previous years. Sales for most retailers in this holiday period have been very poor so they will be keen to offload all the inventory build up they will have to otherwise carry into the new year.

Major retailers that are expected to bring big boxing day events are Myer, David Jones, Kmart, Target, Big W, Dicksmith, Harvey Norman and Bing Lee. Amongst online retailers, expect to see big sales and deals from Asos, The Iconic, Surfstitch, Ezibuy and Sportscraft.



BIG Boxing Day Catalogue

BIG W – Online sale has already started while store sales will begin from 26th December. They have over 200 specials with some decent deals on PS4 bundles. Note that most BIG W stores in NSW are going to be open this year thanks to NSW Govt. allowing all stores to open this Saturday for Boxing Day sales.


11031Kmart –  Kmart sales have begun online and it’s going to be a crappy boxing day for those going to visit Kmart for boxing day shopping. See the catalogue for yourself.

Myer – Still to be announced

David Jones – Still to be announced

Target – I have heard that they have some good gaming and toy deals and looking forward to the catalogue.

ALDI – Stocktake clearance on the morning of 26th December (limited stores will be open) and they have not released any information on which products will be on sale. From past experience, you can expect some good bargains if you get there before stores open on the boxing day.

The Good Guys – A poor show as usual by releasing the specials (which are not so specials) a week prior to the Boxing Day. Their featured deal is just $10 cheaper than elsewhere.

WC1214_W02081_ANZ_50_OFF_OFFER_V0Cotton On – One of the best Boxing Day sales this year on all Cotton On brands. Sale is already on with decent discounts online and hopefully their will be similar discounts when stores open on the Boxing day.

Other Stores (with links to their Boxing Day sale pages)

Asos –

Uniqlo –

Glue Store – – (Plus use code PLUS10 for 10% off)

Keep watching this page for more and don’t forget to like/share on Facebook.



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Is Coupon Clipping for Australians?

Australia is an expensive place to raise your family and to provide for their children (thanks to rising property prices and generally expensive prices), a lot of struggling Australian families are trying to save more by employing any means of frugality they can. However, coupon clipping is not something Australians have wholeheartedly embraced as a nation. The good news is that anyone can save serious amount of money through couponing, and you will find out how they do it very shortly in this article.

Contrary to the popular beliefs, couponing is not that much time consuming and you need not spend entire week collecting dockets or saving those fuel vouchers because there are online websites that collect and display daily and weekly coupons from stores such as Woolworths, ALDI, Kmart and Coles etc..

If you do like clipping coupons, there are ways that can certainly compliment your online couponing. For a started, if you would like to clip paper coupons, you can invest a coupon organizer and start storing your coupons in your new organizer. You are not going to use every coupon that gets handed to you but there are certainly some great coupons that make their way to your mailbox. Personally, I will briefly browse through the list once every 2-3 days and save the useful vouchers (specially those from Pizza joints or from local eateries) to my coupon folder. This is of-course in addition to visiting bargain sites, and can help a lot in staying up to date as you don’t really need to spend a lot of time re-inventing the wheel. There are lots of ways to organize printable coupons. Some shoppers create a coupon binder but you can buy one of these online from site like Etsy.

You either clip them from paper sources (catalogues/newspapers/ mailbox/grocery dockets) or from online bargain websites. You must keep adding coupons from above sites to coupon folder/your own coupon folder. For these online sites, you can subscribe to newsletters to stay up to date.

Most in-store shoppers hate to be seen as penny-pinchers though. You should focus on money you could save by overcoming your fear of being judged. Before you arrive at the store, you need to ensure that you have your grocery list and all of the coupons you are thinking of using.

Lastly remember that not all coupons are created alike. A lot of times, coupons are not valid on sale items/products and that can be disappointing.

Happy Couponing!

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Australia’s Top Coupon Sites

For last 2-3 years, I have been keeping an eye on coupon sites in Australia and it’s hard to believe that we still don’t have many large coupon sites in Australia. (Note: I am not referring to group buying sites here as many people confuse the two.)

This is what I have been able to gather:

  1. TopBargains –  Probably the largest in Australia. This site started as a forum site like ozbargains but now has a huge coupon section with good coverage on most online retailers.
  2. Ozbargains – primarily a freebies and cheap $5 or under deals forum but they do have coupons for popular stores.
  3. Retailmenot –  Although it is a US site, they do have a big collection of Australian coupons specially Domino’s and Pizza Hut type stores.
  4. US Sites – Sites like Slickdeals and occasionally include Australian deals but if you are buying from US stores a lot (let’s admit it, we all do), it’s probably a good idea to check the above sites.

Apart from those, there are literally 100’s of copy cat sites with fake coupons and spam. I would simply ignore them as nothing good can come out from giving your email to these sites.


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TeleChoice Promotional Codes – Updated List

TeleChoice has been getting a lot of attention lately and I have received a few requests for current telechoice promotional code. This thread will contain all the codes that I am able to source from various deal forums or from any other sources.

Many MVNOs including Vaya, TeleChoice, Boost and Club Telco do not offer regular coupons. Amaysim is the only one that offers a regular coupon which is refreshed every month. This shouldn’t discourage you as if TeleChoice has offered coupons in the past on their Kogan plans.

Current offers:

No coupons unfortunately but some decent discounts on new mobile plans. See deals here.

TeleChoice Coupons

TeleChoice Coupons

Why TeleChoice?

Coming soon.

TeleChoice Resources

Coming soon.

See Also:

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Catalogue Sites in Australia

Here’s a list of catalogue sites in Australia.

Apart from the above 3, most retailers now list their catalogues on their own sites.

  • Big W –
  • Kmart –
  • Coles –
  • Woolworths –
  • Target –
  • Harvey Norman –
  • The Good guys –
  • Spotlight –
  • Toy R Us –
  • Myer –
  • Bunnings –

If you know about anymore links, feel free to add them in the comments.

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The Iconic Coupon Codes – Updated List (New codes)

Please find below an updated list of current The Iconic Coupon codes. I have gathered them from different forums/coupon sites and from The Iconic website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Update:  AUG20 for 20% off until 31st August and 40% off on exclusive products (code AUG40).

If you know any other coupons which I may have missed, please feel to add them in the comments and I will update the list.

Description Coupon Expiry Exclusions Source
$10 off $69+ order. MAY10JD 31st May, 2014 Some brands, sale items
15% off $79+ order. MAY15TU 31st May, 2014 Some brands, sale items Same
20% off $79+ Full Priced items order. MAY20TU 31st May, 2014 Some brands, sale items Same
50% off Exclusive Styles. HALFPRICE Expired Some brands, sale items Iconic Facebook Page
Free Overnight Shipping on $50+ order. None Ongoing None Iconic Website

 A few things to remember about The Iconic

  • If you are in a CBD area, you can opt for 3 hour delivery by paying extra.
  • Most coupons can not be used on sale items unless coupon terms specify otherwise. If it’s a 50% off stocktake sale, you can’t expect to receive another 20% off by using a coupon.
  • Always wait for major sales as prices significantly drop during these sales specially Click frenzy and Boxing Day sales. As a bargain hunter, I would generally only buy from Iconic when there’s a big sale else prices are a little higher for my liking.
  • Occasionally, there are 10% off offers on Iconic gift cards from Coles and Woolworths which can be a good way of getting another 10% off your purchase.
  • If you are not already following Iconic on social media, it’s a good idea to do so to keep track of flash sales and bargains that come for a few offers. From my experience, they release a lot of good offers on their Twitter account.


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SurfStitch Promo Codes – Updated List

Here’s an updated list of Surfstitch promo codes and coupons. This list has been compiled from Surfstitch Facebook page, various deals sites and forums. Please add to this list by leaving your coupons in the comment section and I will be more than happy to add them to the list.

Current Surfstitch Coupons (May 2014)

  • 30% off outlet items – enter code OUTLET30 via Surfstitch Facebook page.
  • Get FREE Towel Worth $49.99 At SurfStitch On $50 Purchase – Enter code SSTOWEL 
  • 30% off Sale items – Enter Code MY30 via Surfstitch Newsletter This code has now expired!
  • 18WELCOME surfstitch promo code from TopBargains.
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Weight Watchers Promotion Codes 2014 – Updated List

Weight Watchers Online 14 Day FREE Trial promotion code – See below an updated list of coupons and current offers.

  • 14 Days/2 weeks Weight Watchers Online Trial – Coupon is required. Note: These coupons keep changing but as of writing this post, there are valid coupons available on TopBargains page.
  • 50% off Weight Watchers Unlimited offer – You will get 50% off first month if you sign up for 3 months. Please see below for the difference between Weight Watchers Unlimited, Weight Watchers Online and Weight Watchers 360. There’s no coupon required as this is an ongoing offer from Weight Watchers in Australia & New Zealand.
  • 50% off Weight Watchers Online – No coupon is required.

Remember that a 2 weeks trial and 50% off first month offers can not be combined. With a 50% off first month offer, you get exactly the same discount as 2 weeks trial discount but with trial offer, you can always cancel your plan if you don’t like the program without having to pay for full 3 months.

Tip: On the sign up page, you will see big banners enticing you to sign up for 50% off first trial but you are better off signing up for 14 days trial first so don’t pay any attention to those banners. 

Now what’s the difference Weight Watchers 360, Weight Watchers Online and Weight Watchers Unlimited?

Weight Watchers Online Australian Pricing

Weight Watchers Online Australian Pricing

  •  Weight Watchers online is online only option where you get access to online eTools and Mobile Apps. For many people, the whole benefit comes with weekly meetings and this option doesn’t include any meetings. However, you do have access to online forums where you can discuss your weight loss challenges with others. Currently, it costs $32.65 per month to join this program in Australia and even if you intend to join meetings version of Weight Watchers, it is advisable to start with online version considering that 14 days trial option is only available with this option.
  •  Weight Watchers Unlimited is Meeting and Online versions combined together. You get access to all weight loss tools as part of the Unlimited Plan and this plan was previously called 360 program if you are still wondering about the difference between the two.  In this plan, you get access to weekly meetings, weekly weigh ins, personal support, printed program literature plus access to online tools also included. Monthly cost for this program is $73.50 currently.
  • Weight Watchers Meeting Only is another Weight Watchers plan which comes without the online option and costs $23.90 per month. This can be a good value for money if you don’t require access to online tools.
  • You can also sign up 1 on 1 consultation and phone consultation plans which are significantly more expensive.

What are Weight Watchers Pro Points

If you are going to sign up for Weight Watchers, you will hear a lot about ‘Pro Points’ which are essentially the basis on which the whole Weight Watchers weight loss philosophy is based. Here’s an excerpt from Weight Watchers website:

ProPoints values are our easy way of assessing the nutritional value of food and the benefits of exercise when it comes to weight loss. This makes Tracking as simple as adding up the numbers or choosing items from our online database and Tracking them with a tap. By sticking to your personal ProPoints budget based on your gender and height, you can you lose up to 1kg per week.



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Vaya Promotional Codes – Updated List

For Vaya Mobile fans, here’s a list of Vaya Mobile promotional codes that I have picked up from various forums and deal sites. Some of them may not be valid but I will try to keep posting latest coupons. If you find any Vaya coupons, please feel free to add them to the comments and I will post them here.

  • Vaya Free SIM shipping and first month free plan
  • Nova FM Vaya Mobile Promo code for first month free – CODE ‘VAYAPOWER’  

Other codes that have worked for some people in the past: NOVA, FIRSTMONTH, VAYA1

Update: It appears that no valid Vaya Promo codes are available at the moment and for some reason and for those considering Vaya, note that there have been an influx of user complaints on Vaya Facebook page and on Whirlpool forum in last few weeks and with Amaysim expected to upgrade to 4G shortly, Vaya will be challenged even more.

Vaya Coupons

Latest Vaya Coupons

Why Vaya Mobile?

Vaya Mobile is a very good alternative to other MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) such as Aldi Mobile and Amaysim in the sense that it offers 4G plans which are very rare in the discount segment. From forum threads on Vaya Mobile on Whirlpool forum, it seems like Vaya does offer good customer service to its customers.  Vaya CEO directly responds to customer service requests on his Twitter account which is not very common with other telcos.

Other Useful Vaya Resources

  • Vaya FAQs on Jotit
  • Vaya Promo Code – Frequently updated
  • Vaya Official FAQs
  • How to configure internet on Vaya Mobile headsets – follow tutorial here.

How to use Vaya Coupons?

Just proceed to your order and you will find the box (shown below) on the bottom of second page. Just enter your code in the box and you should be ready to go.

Box to Enter Code

Box to Enter Code

See Also:

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Amaysim Promotional Codes – Updated List

Unlike many other MVNOs, Amaysim does offer promotional codes on a regular basis. For last few months, they have been releasing monthly codes.

  • Amaysim 50% off Unlimited plan – Code: HALF50. Note: Based on past history from deal sites, 50% off seems to be the best discount level.
  • Retail offers – Occasionally Amaysim release discounts via retail partners such as Coles, Big W, Dick Smith and Australia Post where you are able to pick the SIM pack and activate first month discount. Check store locator here.

Why Amaysim?

Amaysim is one of the leading telecom companies in Australia. Major product offerings from Amaysim include SIM only mobile phone plans, mobile data plans, prepaid mobile tablets and headsets. Amaysim uses Optus 3G network for providing its services and it is expected to upgrade to 4G technology in the coming months to compete with new entrants like Vaya Mobile. There are plenty of threads on Amaysim on Whirlpool forum if you are looking for more in-depth information.

What are Amayim alternatives?

Within the value segment, there are just two main competitors.

  • Aldi Mobile
  • Vaya Mobile
  • TeleChoice Mobile
  • Boost Mobile

Amaysim Resources

  • Full Plan Details –
  • TIO Link –
  • Official Support Page –
  • Facebook Page –
  • Twitter (Great way to get quick response) –
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