Weight Watchers Promotion Codes 2014 – Updated List

Weight Watchers Online 14 Day FREE Trial promotion code – See below an updated list of coupons and current offers.

  • 14 Days/2 weeks Weight Watchers Online Trial – Coupon is required. Note: These coupons keep changing but as of writing this post, there are valid coupons available on TopBargains page.
  • 50% off Weight Watchers Unlimited offer – You will get 50% off first month if you sign up for 3 months. Please see below for the difference between Weight Watchers Unlimited, Weight Watchers Online and Weight Watchers 360. There’s no coupon required as this is an ongoing offer from Weight Watchers in Australia & New Zealand.
  • 50% off Weight Watchers Online – No coupon is required.

Remember that a 2 weeks trial and 50% off first month offers can not be combined. With a 50% off first month offer, you get exactly the same discount as 2 weeks trial discount but with trial offer, you can always cancel your plan if you don’t like the program without having to pay for full 3 months.

Tip: On the sign up page, you will see big banners enticing you to sign up for 50% off first trial but you are better off signing up for 14 days trial first so don’t pay any attention to those banners. 

Now what’s the difference Weight Watchers 360, Weight Watchers Online and Weight Watchers Unlimited?

Weight Watchers Online Australian Pricing

Weight Watchers Online Australian Pricing

  •  Weight Watchers online is online only option where you get access to online eTools and Mobile Apps. For many people, the whole benefit comes with weekly meetings and this option doesn’t include any meetings. However, you do have access to online forums where you can discuss your weight loss challenges with others. Currently, it costs $32.65 per month to join this program in Australia and even if you intend to join meetings version of Weight Watchers, it is advisable to start with online version considering that 14 days trial option is only available with this option.
  •  Weight Watchers Unlimited is Meeting and Online versions combined together. You get access to all weight loss tools as part of the Unlimited Plan and this plan was previously called 360 program if you are still wondering about the difference between the two.  In this plan, you get access to weekly meetings, weekly weigh ins, personal support, printed program literature plus access to online tools also included. Monthly cost for this program is $73.50 currently.
  • Weight Watchers Meeting Only is another Weight Watchers plan which comes without the online option and costs $23.90 per month. This can be a good value for money if you don’t require access to online tools.
  • You can also sign up 1 on 1 consultation and phone consultation plans which are significantly more expensive.

What are Weight Watchers Pro Points

If you are going to sign up for Weight Watchers, you will hear a lot about ‘Pro Points’ which are essentially the basis on which the whole Weight Watchers weight loss philosophy is based. Here’s an excerpt from Weight Watchers website:

ProPoints values are our easy way of assessing the nutritional value of food and the benefits of exercise when it comes to weight loss. This makes Tracking as simple as adding up the numbers or choosing items from our online database and Tracking them with a tap. By sticking to your personal ProPoints budget based on your gender and height, you can you lose up to 1kg per week.



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