Australia’s Top Coupon Sites

For last 2-3 years, I have been keeping an eye on coupon sites in Australia and it’s hard to believe that we still don’t have many large coupon sites in Australia. (Note: I am not referring to group buying sites here as many people confuse the two.)

This is what I have been able to gather:

  1. TopBargains –  Probably the largest in Australia. This site started as a forum site like ozbargains but now has a huge coupon section with good coverage on most online retailers.
  2. Ozbargains – primarily a freebies and cheap $5 or under deals forum but they do have coupons for popular stores.
  3. Retailmenot –  Although it is a US site, they do have a big collection of Australian coupons specially Domino’s and Pizza Hut type stores.
  4. US Sites – Sites like Slickdeals and occasionally include Australian deals but if you are buying from US stores a lot (let’s admit it, we all do), it’s probably a good idea to check the above sites.

Apart from those, there are literally 100’s of copy cat sites with fake coupons and spam. I would simply ignore them as nothing good can come out from giving your email to these sites.


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